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Protecting the Menominee River: A Call to Action

The Menominee River, a natural wonder nestled in the heart of the Upper Peninsula, faces a pressing environmental threat – mining pollution. Fortunately, there is a powerful tool that can aid in its protection: land trust conservation. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of collaborating with land trust conservationists and introduce you to some key individuals and organizations working tirelessly to safeguard this pristine river.

The Land Trust Conservation Advantage

Land trust organizations are champions of preserving and protecting natural landscapes. They play a crucial role in acquiring and managing land for conservation purposes. One of the most compelling advantages of working with land trusts is that donations made to them for land acquisition are often tax-deductible, making it an attractive option for individuals and businesses.

Protecting the Menominee River

Mining pollution poses a severe threat to the Menominee River’s ecological balance and the communities that depend on it. To combat this issue effectively, it’s essential to consider land conservation as a preventive measure. By acquiring and conserving land around the river, we create a buffer zone that can mitigate the impacts of mining pollution.

Meet the Land Trust Conservationists

Several dedicated individuals and organizations are actively engaged in land conservation efforts around the Menominee River. These include:

1. Nature ConservancyWebsite

The Nature Conservancy is a global organization committed to protecting the lands and waters on which all life depends. They have shown interest in preserving the Menominee River’s ecosystem.


The Nature Conservancy
101 East César E. Chávez Avenue
Phone: +1 517-316-0300

2. Michigan Nature AssociationWebsite

The Michigan Nature Association focuses on conserving Michigan’s rare, threatened, and endangered species by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive. Their work aligns with preserving the Menominee River’s unique environment.

Head Office

2310 Science Parkway, Suite 100
Okemos MI 48864
(866) 223-2231

3. Land Trust AllianceWebsite

The Land Trust Alliance plays a pivotal role in the conservation efforts of Michigan, including the protection of valuable natural resources like the Menominee River. Their dedication to preserving and stewarding lands is commendable, and they serve as a unifying force for various land trust organizations across the state. By providing support, resources, and guidance, the Land Trust Alliance strengthens the capacity of local conservationists to tackle environmental challenges effectively. Their work aligns with the shared goal of ensuring that Michigan’s landscapes, including those around the Menominee River, remain vibrant and ecologically sound for generations to come.

Connect with Us

1250 H Street NW, Suite 600
Washington, DC 20005
Contact us • • 202-638-4725

Michigan Land Trust Conservationists

· Chikaming Open Lands
· Chippewa Watershed Conservancy
· Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy
· Keweenaw Land Trust
· Land Conservancy of West Michigan
· Leelanau Conservancy
· Legacy Land Conservancy
· Little Forks Conservancy
· Michigan Nature Association
· North Oakland Headwaters
Land Conservancy
· Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy
· Six Rivers Land Conservancy
· Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy
· Upper Peninsula Land Conservancy

Wisconsin Land Trust Conservationists

· Caledonia Conservancy
· Door County Land Trust
· Driftless Area Land Conservancy
· Geneva Lake Conservancy
· Groundswell Conservancy
· Ice Age Trail Alliance
· Kettle Moraine Land Trust
· Kinnickinnic River Land Trust
· Landmark Conservancy
· Madison Audubon Society
· Mississippi Valley Conservancy
· Northeast Wisconsin Land Trust
· Northwoods Land Trust
· Ozaukee Washington Land Trust
· Tall Pines Conservancy
· The Prairie Enthusiasts and its affiliate, TPE Trust

Taking Action

If you’re passionate about protecting the Menominee River from mining pollution, here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Ask Them to Purchase Land: Contact them to ask them to purchase land around the Menominee River to protect it.
  2. Contact Land Trusts: Reach out to organizations like the Nature Conservancy and Michigan Nature Association to inquire about their efforts and how you can contribute or collaborate.
  3. Financial Support: Consider making tax-deductible donations to the Coalition to SAVE the Menominee River and these organizations, specifying your intent for the Menominee River conservation.
  4. Raise Awareness: Share information about the importance of land trust conservation and the need to protect the Menominee River with your community and social networks.
  5. Advocate: Support policies and initiatives that promote responsible mining practices and environmental protection in the region.


The Menominee River is a natural treasure worth preserving for future generations. Collaborating with land trust conservationists and supporting organizations like the Nature Conservancy and Michigan Nature Association can play a significant role in safeguarding this vital waterway. By acting together, we can make a tangible difference in protecting the Menominee River from the looming threat of mining pollution.