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Save the River

An image Save River from Mining Pollution

“Rallying for Rivers: A Spotlight on U.S. Groups Dedicated to River Conservation”


The call to “save the river” resonates across the United States, echoing the commitment of numerous environmental groups to preserve and rehabilitate our vital waterways. These organizations, each with their unique focus and approach, play a crucial role in safeguarding river ecosystems for future generations. Here, we highlight some key groups and their efforts, including the commendable “Join the River Coalition,” which is dedicated to protecting the Menominee River.

Environmental Groups Making a Difference

  1. Medina River Protection Fund (MPRF)
  2. Texas Rivers Protection Association (TRPA)
  3. Mississippi River Collaborative (MRC)
  4. American Rivers
  5. Save Our Wild Salmon
  6. Save The River
  7. Save the Delaware River
  8. Save the Red River Guardians
  9. Save The World’s Rivers
  10. Save the Sound

Join the River Coalition: Saving the Menominee River

In addition to these notable groups, the “Join the River Coalition” deserves special attention for its efforts to protect the Menominee River. This coalition brings together individuals, organizations, and communities with a shared goal of preserving the river’s natural beauty and ecological integrity. By joining forces, they work towards creating sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by the Menominee River.


The united efforts of these groups demonstrate the power of collective action in environmental conservation. By supporting and participating in their initiatives, we can contribute to the crucial mission of saving our rivers, ensuring they remain vibrant and healthy for generations to come.

For more detailed information on each of these organizations and their specific projects, please visit their respective websites linked in the sources.