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Save The River: Preserving the St. Lawrence River’s Legacy

A River’s Call for Help

The St. Lawrence River, a jewel of North America, is not just a body of water; it’s a life source, a natural wonder, and a historical landmark. But like many of our planet’s precious resources, it faces threats from pollution, habitat loss, and climate change. This is where Save The River steps in. As a frontline defender of the St. Lawrence River, this organization is committed to keeping the river swimmable, fishable, and drinkable for generations to come.

The Mission of Save The River

Save The River, a non-profit organization, takes a holistic approach to protecting the St. Lawrence River. Their mission is clear and powerful: to preserve and protect the river’s ecological integrity through advocacy, education, and research. By doing so, they’re not just saving a river; they’re safeguarding a community’s heart and soul.

The St. Lawrence River’s Significance

The St. Lawrence River is more than a waterway; it’s an ecosystem teeming with life, a haven for recreation, and a vital economic route. Its health directly impacts the well-being of the surrounding communities and the environment. The river’s plight is our plight, and its future is inextricably linked to our actions.

Save The River’s Impactful Initiatives

  1. Trash-Free River Cleanups: Through community-driven cleanups, Save The River tackles the pressing issue of pollution, removing plastics and other debris to protect the river’s health and beauty.
  2. Educational Programs: Save The River believes in the power of knowledge. Their educational initiatives focus on raising awareness and fostering a new generation of river stewards.
  3. Advocacy and Research: The organization actively engages in advocacy to influence policies and conducts research to inform sustainable river management practices.

Joining the Cause

Your involvement can make a difference. By participating in cleanups, supporting educational efforts, or advocating for policy changes, you can contribute to the preservation of the St. Lawrence River. Every action, no matter how small, helps ensure a healthier river for tomorrow.


Save The River’s dedication to the St. Lawrence River is more than an environmental campaign; it’s a commitment to a way of life, a community’s heritage, and an ecological treasure. By supporting Save The River, we’re not just helping to protect a river; we’re investing in the future of our environment and the legacy we leave behind.

For more information and ways to get involved, visit Save The River.

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