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Letter to the Editor: May 9th, 2022

Aquila Resources has transferred its interests in the Back Forty project west
of Stephenson, Michigan, to Gold Resource Corporation (GORO) of Denver, CO.
Those of you who had purchased Aquila stock have already received your transfer
letter informing investors of significantly reduced share numbers and value.
Dr. Al Gedicks, my wife, Lea Jane, and I met in person with Allen Palmiere,
CEO, and Kim Perry, CFO, of Gold Resource Corporation, in Menominee,
Michigan on April 7th, 2022.

They informed us of their intentions to proceed with plans to revive the Back
Forty Project. We told them that our position has not changed, and we will
continue to challenge every permit application, in court, if necessary.
They were not aware of the eight counties, including Menominee County, that
has passed resolutions opposing the Back Forty project.

Allen stated that the Back Forty had all four permits, and Dr. Gedicks corrected
him since the only permit Aquila fully possessed was the NPDES permit for the
discharge of 1.52 million gallons of water back into the Menominee River per day.
Other permits were not fully granted because they were challenged in legally
contested cases. They also did not have the Dam Safety Permit that, according to
EGLE of Michigan is definitely necessary before a shovel ever hits the ground.
After a very thorough two-hour discussion, I asked Allen and Kim to participate
in a Public Forum. Allen agreed to participate after the Feasibility Study
and the mine design are completed, along with final permission from the Security
Exchange Commission.

The format of the Public Forum will be a large venue, with a custom sound
system so that everyone can hear the dialog. The panel will consist of Gold
Resource representatives, our panel of scientific experts, and other notable guests.
All news media will be invited, including TV, radio, newspapers, social media, and
prominent documentarians for historical preservation. The public will be invited,
and the second half of the Forum will be established for questions from the public.
Because the threat of sulfide mining affects everyone in this watershed, and we
all are consumers of clean water, people must have the opportunity to have their
questions answered truthfully.

The Coalition continues to stand vigilant to protect the Menominee River.
Submitted by Dale Burie,
Coalition to SAVE the Menominee River, Inc.