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Fundraising Time

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Fundraising Time!
Today, I am writing to ask you to support The Coalition to Save the Menominee River by donating any amount you can to help sustain our legal work. To donate, please go to our website at, and follow this link:

We appreciate you for joining the Coalition’s efforts in opposing Gold Resources’ attempts to place a mine on the banks of our Menominee River. It’s supporters like you who help us change the world every day.

Investors in the Back Forty project know that they will face substantial financial risks due to the longstanding and well-organized opposition to a mine that poses a significant pollution threat to the Menominee River, Lake Michigan, and to the sacred sites of the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin. The Indian and environmental alliance against this project has demonstrated time after time that they can mobilize widespread social opposition, and successfully challenge every mine permit. Over the last 20 years and an investment of over $100 million, there is still no mine next to the Menominee River, and legal challenges that have brought the permitting process to a standstill.

In June of this year, the Menominee Tribe was successful in securing Anaem Omot as a sacred and historically important area that now has national recognition and protection from threats like the Back Forty Mine.

In his January 2021 decision to overturn the wetland permit, Judge Daniel Pulter emphasized that the company known as Aquila’s, and now GORO, application was not only flawed but incompetent. He concluded that the project would have a probable negative effect on historic, cultural, scenic, and ecological values and that the proposed project is not in the public interest. During the November 23, 2021, public hearing by the DNR’s Mining Management Division on Aquila’s mineral lease renewal application for the Back Forty project, there was unanimous public opposition to approving these leases. Without these leases, there is no Back Forty mine. Investors should take note of these facts before risking their money.

We also add that eight counties, including Menominee County, Michigan, have passed resolutions against the mine. Four towns, three cities, and eighteen tribal governments in Michigan and Wisconsin have also passed resolutions against the mine. The lack of a social license to operate a mine is seen by the industry as the number one risk that they face.

We never stop! Thanks to our donors we continue to make remarkable progress—but we also have a long way to go. We need your voice and your generosity to continue the fight. Please donate to The Coalition today to ensure we have the strength to continue our legal work. To donate, follow this link:

When you are giving to the Coalition, you affect change in our community and ensure our success in the future. Without these leases, there is no Back Forty mine. Investors should take note of these facts before risking their money.

We appreciate your donation to help us continue our opposition to a metallic sulfide mine on the banks of the Menominee River. It is up to our generation to protect the clean water for those who come after us.
We are so grateful for your help, advocacy, and commitment. Thank You for being on our team.

Nancy Stencil, Chairperson
Coalition to SAVE the Menominee River, Inc