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Call to Action 2021 Letter

Call to Action 2021 Letter

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Please register my strong objections to Aquila Resources’ proposed tailings dam design for the Back Forty project. The upstream dam design proposed by Aquila is the lowest cost option but the most prone to failure, according to experts. Upstream dams are extremely unstable in areas of heavy rainfall such as the upper Midwest. Michigan’s own Association of State Dam Safety Officials (ASDSO) warned that if widespread flooding or even an extreme rain event occurred, the Dam Safety Program would be “hard-pressed to act adequately” in the case of a catastrophic dam failure.

Because of the demonstrated risk associated with upstream dam construction, an international group of 142 scientists representing 24 nations urged that upstream dams must not be built at any new facilities.

I urge you to protect our communities from the potentially catastrophic damage of a tailings dam failure by doing everything in your power to prohibit the upstream dam construction design for the Back Forty tailings dam.