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Boneyard Road Walk

** Please note: This is not a Coalition-sponsored event. The Coalition to Save the Menominee River is not liable for any actions. The directions to this event are listed at the bottom.

Respecting – Honoring – Acknowledging – Remembering.

On behalf of certain persons of Menominee Indian Heritage, private area landowners, and others you are cordially invited to join us in a Peaceful Awareness Walk amongst the Ancestors of the Menominee people.

Location: Sixty Islands on the Menominee River west of Stephenson, Michigan. November 11 at 10:30 AM.


· Short talks and walks regarding the area’s history and significance to all peoples.
· Lunch

Of note: The National Park Service has listed on The National Register of Historic Places the Sixty Islands area of the Menominee River near Stephenson, Michigan. This site, “Anaem Omot,” which translates to “The Dog’s Belly” is the traditional name for the Sixty Islands area.

This area in Michigan and Wisconsin features archeological remains of Indigenous burial mounds, dance circles, and ancient agriculture. Tribal members have paid homage to this location for many, many years making offerings and wishes for good luck to the young woman who spirit visits the terrace overlooking 60 Islands “Anaem Omot is a traditional cultural place significant to the Menominee Indian Tribe,” wrote National Park Service spokesperson Ellie Stuckrath.

Directions From Stephenson, MI:

· Go WEST 12.2 miles on G12 from the intersection of Highway 41 in Stephenson.
· At the split in road to Shakey Lakes County Park stay LEFT on RIVER ROAD. From that point, it is 5.3 miles NORTH on River Road to SIXTY ISLANDS on the LEFT side of the road.