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2022 Fly Fishing Tour

The Coalition to Save the Menominee River is proud to support the 2022 Fly Fishing Film tour (F3T).  It has supported F3T events since 2018.

The Coalition continues to work on protecting the Menominee River, the Green Bay area of Lake Michigan, and the local environment from a proposed open pit and underground metallic sulfide mine.  Location is in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula directly on its Menominee River shoreline.  

The mining process requires excavating sulfide-containing ore that will get exposed to air and water.  This exposure produces Acid Mine Drainage that will flow into the Menominee River, Lake Michigan, and nearby groundwater sources from rainfall, snowmelt, wetlands, etc.  Once Acid Mine Drainage starts it’s impossible to stop, so this contamination will continue forever.

Help us protect the Menominee River and Lake Michigan by making a financial donation to the Coalition.  Go to to make your donation.

Thank you.