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Action Alert! Still Current!

by Al Gedicks
Executive Secretary, Wisconsin Resources Protection Council
April 10, 2018

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Tell investors that this proposed open-pit, metallic sulfide mine next to the Menominee River has no “Social License to Operate.”

Aquila Resources has proposed a large, open-pit, metallic sulfide mine a mere 150 feet from the Menominee River, a major Lake Michigan tributary which forms the Wisconsin-Michigan border and flows into Green Bay.

The mine footprint is located on the original Tribal Homeland of the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin. The Tribe is concerned about pollution of the Menominee River and the destruction of sacred sites.

According to Aquila’s January 2018 Investor Presentation, these are the major institutional investors in the Back Forty project:

Osisko    15%
Orion     14.3%
Ruffer    12.2%
Hudbay 10.5%


It is important that we make investors aware that the proposed Back Forty project faces growing opposition in Wisconsin and Michigan. One of the greatest risks to mining investors comes from ignoring community voices and their environmental and public health concerns. This is called a “Social License to Operate.” Investors need to know that Aquila does not have it.

Please contact the following primary investors to inform them that there is growing opposition to the proposed Back Forty mine and that Aquila does not have a Social License to Operate:

Mr. Sean Roosen, CEO and Chair of Board
1100 Avenue des Canadiens-de-Montreal, Suite 300
Montreal, Quebec H3B 2S2
Phone:  (514) 940-0670
Fax:      (514) 940-0669
E-mail:  info@osiskogr.com

Oskar Lewnowski, Chief Investment Officer (CIO)
1211 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 3000
New York, NY 10036
Phone:  (212) 596-3492
Fax:      (212) 596-3489

80 Victoria Street
London SW1E 5JL
United Kingdom
Phone:  +44(0)20 7963-8100
Fax:      +44(0)20 7963-8175
Email: ruffer@ruffer.co.uk

Alan Hair, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Candace Brule, Investor Relations
25 York Street, Suite 800
Toronto, Ontario M5J 2V5
Phone: (416) 362-8181
Fax:     (416) 362-7844
Email: info@hudbayminerals.com

Action Alert! Still Current!

What businesses depend on the Menominee River?

The Coalition is looking for contact information regarding businesses that depend on the Menominee River. This is at the request of our attorney, Ted Warpinski, who will use this information to support our efforts in establishing the Menominee River as a river of commerce. Thank you!

Please email your list to jointherivercoalition@gmail.com OR
complete the online form below.