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A team is more effective than individual effort.

This is the philosophy behind the Coalition to SAVE the Menominee River, Inc.

Many people oppose the construction of the proposed Back Forty Mine on the Menominee River. We exist to pool resources and coordinate efforts in order to be more effective.

We believe we are saving lives. The mine would contaminate our air, waters, and soils. Contamination kills. We believe an organized approach is the best way to save our waters, wildlife, property values, sacred lands, tourism industry, and our people.

The Coalition to SAVE the Menominee River, Inc. is in the process of being incorporated as a legal non-profit entity. Dale Burie of McAllister is spearheading the effort with his team of wife Lea Jane, Regina Chaltry, and Laura Rowe. Plans include:

  • Retaining the services of a well-known environmental attorney.
  • Canvassing the two counties on each side of the river to inform property owners and ask for financial help.
  • Sponsoring a Menominee River Rally to gain volunteers and raise funds.
  • Encouraging all property owners along the river to have their well water tested.

Join the team and make a difference.

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